Technical approach

TVC Substance – Our TVC Substance — (Thermal Visual Concealment), enables the operator to conceal objects from a wide variety of sensors:

VIS (0.4-0.7 µm), NIR (0.75-1.4), MWIR (3-5 µm), LWIR (8-12 µm).  Being a formable metal thread material, TVC also has radar scattering attributes.


TVC technology can be used to camouflage and conceal objects in the battlefield for every mission set.  The substance is a layered material, each layer give the substance specific characteristic (such as: Thermal block, molding ability, etc.)

2-Sided Coloration The manufacturing process allows color and pattern customization to meet customer AOR needs.

Operation capability

Versatile and modular concealment solutions, the Jag Hide gives full coverage for all mission sets; raids, recon, etc.  Uses include concealing an OP, vehicle, or sniper position, rucksack cover, medevac stretcher…

3-Dimensonal – enables the user to change its form by folding and molding it to fit in a specific AOR.  TVC can be manipulated to imitate a 3D object in the surrounding and then repeatedly fold it into a 2D form for transport/storage.

Air space – reduces IR signature and provides shade/operator cooling

Close Proximity to Target – provides the advantage of surprise in the battlefield, concealing positions to be closer to a target for surveillance, closer shots, etc.

Lightweight  – eliminates the need for heavy solutions

Low-cost – mitigates passive/active EO/IR signature of moving vehicles

Multispectral – avoids LOS and NLOS detection be enemy

Reduce RF/Radar detection  –  RF scatter 

Personal Solutions

Sniper Hide

Jag-Hide (Personal Poncho)

3rdSFG comparative testing

OP Solutions

OP - Desert


ATVC - Modules

ATV in hidesite

The ATVC (All Terrain Vehicle Concealment) Module, is a concealment element designed as a modular flexible concealment solution.  It enables the end user to choose and fit a solution to his mission requirement, it can be used to conceal  from ATVs to large vehicles. 

Constructed from our unique TVC substance and camouflage mesh, both dual side printed according

to end user specifications.

Usage Examples:

ATV Single seat – (such as “Polaris Sportsman”)- one module

ATV Multi seat – (such as “Polaris MRZR”)- 4 modules

Vehicle (such as “Polaris Dagor” / Toyota Hilux) – 6 modules



Total Weight: 6.3kg (without cover) Dimensions: Length-4m, Width-2m Total Coverage: 8sqm.

"Second Skin"/ concealment on the move

Vehicle with Armadillo suite

Operation Capability 

Armadillo is a modular concealment kit that can be rapidly and easily installed on/removed from any vehicle or platform using magnets for multispectral concealment both static and on-the-move.  The panels are designed to fit most vehicles or can be customized to fit a specific vehicle and AOR/environment with the ability for two different colorations/patterns on each side of the panel

Low-cost passive/active EO/IR SigMan mitigation for moving vehicles

Light weight  – eliminates the need for heavy solutions

3d camo -enables the end user to change its form by folding and molding it to fit in a specific AOR. The end user can manipulate the TVC to imitate any 3D object in the surrounding and then fold it back to a 2D form, repeatedly.

Multispectral – Avoiding LOS and NLOS detection be enemy

Install time – 10-15 minutes (when magnets are on the vehicles)

Armadillo Panel

Modular Platform Concealment system

MPACS 50m away

The M-PaCS  are compatible with any platform such as Humvees , GMV 1.1, Land Rovers, ISVs and can be customized to other vehicles.

Operation capability

Multispectral Concealment

3D Camouflage

Reversible: 2 Sided Coloration 360 Degrees Cover

Observation & Gun system Operation While Covered

Field Adaptable Capability

Short Detection Range Low Volume & Weight

Fast & Simple Deployment & Folding + Quick Release mechanism when needed to break contact.


Can be installed with Drip Rail system Up to 10 minutes operational assembly for 360 degrees cover

Can be assemble and disassemble by one operator if needed

Integrated infrastructure inside the cover allowing space for rest, observation, mechanical repairs, medical treatment Short instruction time

Modules can be quickly disconnected from the roof for air transportation

Intended USE - MPACS on GMV1.1

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