Unique seeker developed as a low cost Hit to kill system. The system can fit most sUAS platform and enhance their capability with autonomously homing towards an acquired target. The KITE integrates a unique observation components including a mission computer (ATRH). The KITE seeker enables the end user an accurate kinetic tool for various missions in GNSS denied zones.

KITE capabilities

Interception in GNSS denied environments

Drone position control during seeking via optic flow

User interface to control optics in seeking 

Trigger output via URAT protocol

Low Light environment capabilities

Intercepting mobile targets

Interchangeable between different sUAS platforms



Fly the drone to designated observation point.

Observation & identifying target. Optic target acquisition.

Optical tracking & autonomous engagement

Target collision / gathering intelligence


North America 




Zota Group LLC, 3500 Barrancas Ave Pensacola FL, 32507 USA

Rest of the world 



RobotiCan LTD, Building 8D Industrial Park, Omer, Israel